We were asked to try the new Yaya pizza crust. We bought some sauce and cheese and then customized our own ingredients as we all like some sort of slightly different pizza. All the pizzas turned out fantastic and the crust is delicious! We cannot tell the difference between this crust and any pizzeria style pizza crust!

~ Marie

This is as good as any bread I’ve ever had. I cannot tell a difference other than I don’t get a “food hangover” after eating it. Delicious.

~ lynn

I watch what I eat and I do watch carbs. These breads are the best keto breads I’ve ever had.

~ gary

Love the cinnamon rolls! The icing is delicious and I could eat these for dessert!

~ mary

I have chased the “perfect low carb bread” for years and FINALLY have found it with the YaYa Bakery! The flavor is amazing and I was very excited to find that the texture is better than ANY other low car bread I have ever purchased! So glad to have found this product!

~ tammy